Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Mission Skinny Bitch

I haven't posted on here in forever and I've been looking to get back into my blog for a while but had no inspiration for anything to write about.
But, thanks to an unfortunate knock I took during England's opening World Cup group game against England, I haven't been able to visit the gym in the run up to my summer trip to Barcelona.
Whilst I would normally lose some weight and tone up before my break via healthy eating and numerous gruelling gym sessions a week, thanks to that pesky injury (a soft tissue injury and various torn ligaments, to be precise), doctors have me on a strict gym ban till my ankle is healed.

Whilst I would never promote fad diets, nor have I ever been on one, I realised drastic action had to be taken and a friend had previously undertaken the Marine Diet and found great results with it, losing up to half a stone a week. That sold it enough for me despite the horrendous meal plan it sets out!

I'll be posting various updates over the next two weeks, beginning Thursday, letting you know how it's getting on. I just hope I can muster some humour for the final posts rather than the irrational mood swings being hungry tends to gift me!

I just have to keep thinking of the bikinis packed in my suitcase to power me through :(

You can see the week plan below and mock/cheer on my ridiculous effort for a last minute bikini body!

Day 1

Breakfast: 3 eggs
Lunch: 3 eggs
Dinner: 3 eggs

Day 2
Breakfast: 1 egg or grapefruit
Lunch: Fresh fruit salad
Dinner: Steak, tomatoes, celery & cottage cheese

Day 3
Breakfast: 1 egg or grapefruit
Lunch: Fish, tomatoes, spinach & salad (I hate fish so I'll replacing any fish elements with chicken!)
Dinner: Lean lamb chops, tomatoes & salad

Day 4
Breakfast: 1 egg or grapefruit
Lunch: Green salad & tomatoes
Dinner: Eggs & dry toast

Day 5
Breakfast: 1 egg or grapefruit
Lunch: Fish, tomatoes & salad (chicken!)
Dinner: Lean ham salad, tomatoes & spinach

Day 6
Breakfast: 1 egg or grapefruit
Lunch: 3 eggs & dry toast
Dinner: Steak, celery, tomatoes & cottage cheese

Day 7
Breakfast: 1 egg or grapefruit
Lunch: Fresh fruit salad
Dinner: Lean lamb chops, salad & tomatoes

Black coffee, water or pure lemon juice can be taken with each meal. 
Eat exactly what is stated where amount are stated. Where they are not stated, eat as much as you want.
Do not eat between meals. 
No dressings or sauces, only vinegar is allowed. (Though I think vinegar is vile, so that'll be no extra flavour for me!)
Do not use this diet more than four times a year. 
There should be a loss of up to 1 stone, variations of the die will have a major effect on the amount of weight you lose.
Weigh yourself at the beginning and at the very end of the diet.