Sunday, 3 August 2014

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

So, I'm on my 4th day in to the Marine Diet and I'm still alive, which is a good start!
Though, despite what the title of this post may be, it certainly hasn't been easy so far. I'm always just a little bit hungry, even after finishing my minuscule meals. I haven't felt full in 3 days, dammit!

Day 1

Breakfast: 3 eggs, scrambled
Lunch: 3 eggs, hard boiled 
Dinner: 3 eggs, soft boiled

Also known as Egg Day, this has certainly been the hardest day so far, as far as I'm concerned. Don't get me wrong, I love eggs but 9 in one day? I was naive to think it would be easy but you really do get sick of them by dinner time. 

I'm not a massive fan of scrambled eggs but, for breakfast, when I'm in an early morning rush trying to get ready and out of the house in time for work, they're the easiest option. Except when I make them. I accidentally cooked them for too long so they took on an almost rubbery consistency and I didn't have time to remake anymore. I won't pretend they were enjoyable, they weren't but it was all I was getting till lunchtime so I chowed down and downed a pint of water in an attempt to fill myself till midday.

Lunch was 3 hard boiled eggs I'd ready made the night before. Everyone at work knows about my diet and have been asking questions about it all morning, mainly giving me sympathetic looks teamed with comments such as, 'Ooh, I couldn't do that,' or, 'But don't you just want a biscuit?' OF COURSE I WANT A BISCUIT. Not a lot to report about hard boiled eggs, they weren't interesting but I was starving and wolfed them down. Stomach was still rumbling after I'd finished though.

Dinner was 3 soft boiled eggs which was probably the most enjoyable meal of the day, it was nice to have something warm and relatively tasty to eat. When I was little, my Mum used to make me soft boiled eggs which she would then sort of cut up in a mug and then bind them with a tiny bit of butter and I loved them, so this is what I did tonight (I know butter is cheating but it was literally the tiniest bit to bind the eggs together!)

Day 2
Breakfast: Grapefruit 
Lunch: Fruit salad
Dinner: Steak, Celery, Tomatoes & Cottage Cheese (or, in my case; steak, celery, peppers & mushrooms)

Woke up feeling very hungry but looking forward to something other than eggs! Ended up probably wearing more of the grapefruit than I ate as the juice squirted out every time I plunged my spoon in but the tang of the grapefruit made a nice change to rubbery eggs.

I made my fruit salad the night before and I was genuinely looking forward to it by lunchtime. I'd crammed my Tupperware box full of strawberries, peaches, clementines, grapes, blueberries & raspberries and I relished every mouthful. After lunch, my stomach had stopped rumbling which was a welcome feeling.

I'd literally been looking forward to dinner all day, what's not to like about steak!? I don't like tomatoes and, as far as I'm concerned, cottage cheese looks like baby vomit so I substituted these with sweet red peppers and a large, flat mushroom. I grilled everything, apart from the celery obviously, and it almost felt like a normal meal, hurrah! Went to bed a few hours later relatively satisfied. 

Day 3
Breakfast: Grapefruit
Lunch: Fish, salad & spinach (Chicken, salad & spinach; I hate fish!)
Dinner: Lamb & salad

It's finally the weekend so I sleep in till about 10am, a few hours later than my weekday wake-up time, so I wake up hungry with only a grapefruit waiting for me in the fridge. Rather than shovelling it down like the previous day, I can actually relish each bite whilst watching catch-up television in bed, this isn't so bad!

I need to hit the shops to buy things for my upcoming holiday and aim to be back in a couple of hours to prep and eat lunch. How wrong was I? Shopping ended up overrunning due to the shopping centre being super busy and, after nearly passing out in the Boots queue whilst stocking up on holiday toiletries, I needed sustenance and fast. I nipped into M&S to fight with the middle-class at the deli fridges whilst I looked for plain chicken and spinach leaves. To my horror, M&S had ran out of plain chicken so I chose the lowest calorie option they did, a sweet & smoky variety seasoned with chillies, herbs & peppers, grabbed a bag of baby spinach and dashed for the checkout. I did feel guilty for eating seasoned chicken but as I munched down on my leaves and protein, I instantly felt better.

Finally home, dinner was lamb & salad which I was slightly dubious about as I'm not the biggest fan of lamb. I made a hearty salad of lettuce, rocket, cucumber, spring onions, peppers, carrots, celery & radish and grilled my lamb. Turns out, plain lamb isn't so bad! 

Later on, I was utterly starving so ended up munching on grapes which, whilst eating between meals is forbidden, I figured was better than a bag of crisps, right?!

So, my first three days haven't been so bad but I'm always verging on starving and by the time it gets to 9/10pm each night, I'm knackered but I guess that means I get more sleep than I usually which can't be so bad for the eye bags, eh!
Stepping on the scales, I've also lost 5lb in those 3 days which is definitely spurring me on to persist with this ridiculous fad diet.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Mission Skinny Bitch

I haven't posted on here in forever and I've been looking to get back into my blog for a while but had no inspiration for anything to write about.
But, thanks to an unfortunate knock I took during England's opening World Cup group game against England, I haven't been able to visit the gym in the run up to my summer trip to Barcelona.
Whilst I would normally lose some weight and tone up before my break via healthy eating and numerous gruelling gym sessions a week, thanks to that pesky injury (a soft tissue injury and various torn ligaments, to be precise), doctors have me on a strict gym ban till my ankle is healed.

Whilst I would never promote fad diets, nor have I ever been on one, I realised drastic action had to be taken and a friend had previously undertaken the Marine Diet and found great results with it, losing up to half a stone a week. That sold it enough for me despite the horrendous meal plan it sets out!

I'll be posting various updates over the next two weeks, beginning Thursday, letting you know how it's getting on. I just hope I can muster some humour for the final posts rather than the irrational mood swings being hungry tends to gift me!

I just have to keep thinking of the bikinis packed in my suitcase to power me through :(

You can see the week plan below and mock/cheer on my ridiculous effort for a last minute bikini body!

Day 1

Breakfast: 3 eggs
Lunch: 3 eggs
Dinner: 3 eggs

Day 2
Breakfast: 1 egg or grapefruit
Lunch: Fresh fruit salad
Dinner: Steak, tomatoes, celery & cottage cheese

Day 3
Breakfast: 1 egg or grapefruit
Lunch: Fish, tomatoes, spinach & salad (I hate fish so I'll replacing any fish elements with chicken!)
Dinner: Lean lamb chops, tomatoes & salad

Day 4
Breakfast: 1 egg or grapefruit
Lunch: Green salad & tomatoes
Dinner: Eggs & dry toast

Day 5
Breakfast: 1 egg or grapefruit
Lunch: Fish, tomatoes & salad (chicken!)
Dinner: Lean ham salad, tomatoes & spinach

Day 6
Breakfast: 1 egg or grapefruit
Lunch: 3 eggs & dry toast
Dinner: Steak, celery, tomatoes & cottage cheese

Day 7
Breakfast: 1 egg or grapefruit
Lunch: Fresh fruit salad
Dinner: Lean lamb chops, salad & tomatoes

Black coffee, water or pure lemon juice can be taken with each meal. 
Eat exactly what is stated where amount are stated. Where they are not stated, eat as much as you want.
Do not eat between meals. 
No dressings or sauces, only vinegar is allowed. (Though I think vinegar is vile, so that'll be no extra flavour for me!)
Do not use this diet more than four times a year. 
There should be a loss of up to 1 stone, variations of the die will have a major effect on the amount of weight you lose.
Weigh yourself at the beginning and at the very end of the diet.

Friday, 25 January 2013

I'm Jumping On The Disco Pant Bandwagon..

Every girl seems to own a pair, whether they're the real McCoy or a clever high street dupe, I'm talking about the disco pant. 

If you fancy a booty like Sandy from Grease or you're a fan of all things high shine, these leggings are for you. American Apparel offer the original, and arguably the best, disco pant on the high street but they're pricey at £74 so many have turned to cheaper alternatives with mixed reviews.

Now, I've tried many a pair of these leggings and none of them have come close to the originals. I would have already splashed a whole wad of my hard earned cash in American Apparel if only I fit them properly, I'm currently in between a small and a medium so I've vowed not to buy any until I can fit into a small! 
I thought I'd have to live without a pair until I slimmed down then I happened to stumble over a pair of Primark dupes. Now, I know what you're thinking, Primark's bargain pair at £16 could never live up to the much hyped pair from American Apparel. I thought this too but I took a pair into the changing room anyway, not holding out much hope only to be drop mouth shocked.

Disco Pants, Primark, £16

I've compared these to American Apparel's version and there are only 3 minor differences: the button is slightly different, the material is a little thinner and there is no reinforcing material in bum but for £58 less, you really can't grumble!

These leggings really are figure flattering and will put a smile on any girls face, they slim your legs, hide your tum and give girls with even the flattest bums (this is me!) a shapely bum to be proud of.
Now whether you cover up with a peplum or flaunt your figure with a crop top, I can only say that the disco pant will now be a permanent fixture in my wardrobe. 

So girls, hot foot it down to your local Primark to find the best disco pant dupes the high street has to offer!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Graduation Day

So, last week the big day finally arrived, Graduation day! After spending weeks agonising over a dress to wear (it took no fewer than 3 lengthy and tedious shopping trips!), I finally found the perfect frock. It was way over my original budget but thanks to my Mamma & Papa giving me a bit of help, I practically skipped out of the shop after my purchase.

I was looking for something a tad more sophisticated than my usual night out attire which meant that the length had to be considerably longer.. Basically, my top priority was that it had to be knee-length, I'm supposed to be a sophisticated graduate after all! I finally settled on a digital print, Ted Baker number which looks so unusual thanks to the close-up image of sequins and diamonds. 

Thankfully Graduation went without a hitch. I managed to avoid all the people I didn't fancy bumping into again and, probably most importantly, I didn't trip on the stage or fall down the stairs after my name had been called, hurrah!

I suppose I should show you how I styled my dress up to cope with the freezing northern winter we're currently experiencing..

I was brave and slapped on the fake tan meaning I could go bare on the day, though I cast many an envious glance at the girls who'd decided on thick black tights to keep their pins warm! I paired my dress with a vintage belt to nip in the waist, a peachy pink blazer from Primark for a bit of extra warmth and nude heels to tie all the colours together (and make my legs look longer!)

Now, whilst my University robes made me feel like something out of Harry Potter for the day, the hat was a completely different matter.. I'm not a hat person at the best of times, I just don't think I have the face for them. So, as you can imagine, I wasn't particularly pleased at wearing a heavy, bulky hat with a tassle dangling directly in front of my eye line for the day. As soon as the the ceremony was over and photos were taken, it came straight off, needless to say!

For some reason, every parent wanted their son/daughter to have a photo with Sheffield's golden postbox (thanks, Jess Ennis!) creating a queue of twenty somethings shivering and grumbling at the need of a photo with a postbox..

Now, unfortunately for the Graduation night out with my fellow students, my bloggers mind went straight out the window in terms of my outfit. I forgot to photograph and there are no images from the evening that capture it! But thanks to the Topshop website, I can at least show you the mannequin images.. I can't link you to it as it's now sold out country wide (apparently!) but there are plenty floating about on eBay for a much higher price than the RRP of £48.

Playsuits and lace are two of my favourite things anyway but to combine this with the backless feature almost had me squealing with excitement in the changing room. It's not for the fearful though, along with the backless element it's also pretty short, so one for those confident about their pins!

Well, I hope you enjoyed a little snapshot of my Graduation Day and the outfits I managed to pull out of the bag for it! 

Friday, 19 October 2012

Back To School Fashion

It would seem that shirts, pleats and pinafores are well and truly back in vogue, just a couple of months after the nation's children have headed back to school in scarily similar ensembles to what's now hot on the high street. 

I'd taken a fancy to this playsuit when it was £42 full price in Topshop and I couldn't bare to part with my cash. Though, in hindsight, I'm glad I didn't as only a week or so later, it was part of their mid-season sale! 

And it seems I'm not the only one who loved this flower printed playsuit, Little Mix's Perrie Edwards was photographed wearing it to London's Rose Club to celebrate the band's single going to #1.

Like Perrie, I styled my pinafore with a collared top underneath. I chose a navy blue, lace Primark number which matched the waistband and buttons perfectly. I matched the beige collar with a pair of sky high heels from Miss Selfridge.

Collared Top, Primark £8
Heels, Miss Selfridge, £38 (Old Season)

Whilst I've dressed this playsuit up, I like the fact that it's so versatile and can also be dressed down for daytime wear. Wear with a shirt and cute pumps for a relaxed work look or shopping trip outfit!
Now, if only my school uniform had been as cute and fashionable as this!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Merry Ciate-mas!

Please, let's not get off on the wrong foot.. I'm not one of those people that starts getting excited about Christmas in October. Give me until at least the end of November before I start hyping about the festive season.

But one thing I am currently very excited about is Ciate's take on the traditional advent calender. Whilst most people usually settle for tiny squares of, usually tasteless, chocolate behind their advent windows this year will see many girls opening up a new nail varnish each morning!

Ciate has created the, "Mini Mani Month Advent Calender" which contains 24 mini varnishes: 17 best-selling colours, 4 caviar blends and 3 new glitter colours that are exclusive to the advent calender, not to be found anywhere else! 

At £38 it is more expensive than your average advent calender but in my opinion, and that of many other bloggers it would appear, it's totally worth it.

You can find the Ciate advent calender at Selfridges, both instore and online.
Will you be treating yourself to a mini mani calender this festive season?

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Arm Candy

I was having a bad day last week and what does every blogger turn to when things aren't going right? Correct, retail therapy. So I bought this little beauty from Zara...

I've had my eye on this bag for aaaages, so it wasn't exactly a spur of the moment choice but I'm so glad I finally caved and purchased it! I'm a big fan of anything in tan, I think it's such a good colour for the A/W season as it can be matched with just about anything. Plus, I'm not a massive fan of black handbags, I feel some can look a bit harsh.

Unfortunately I haven't had much chance to show it off as the weather recently has been awful. Rather than a zip that stretches the the whole length of the bag, it has a flap that zips over the middle. Because of the rain I haven't taken it out much as I didn't want the contents of my handbag getting soaked, hence the generic website images!

I did manage to catch a fair weather day at the end of the week for a lunch date with my friend, so I jumped at the chance of taking my new bag out to play! And, as expected, my friend noticed, and loved, my new bag instantly!

So, I think it's safe to say that I think my bad day retail therapy fix was totally worth it? Either way, I love my new bag and expect to be showcasing it a lot more throughout the winter months (weather permitting!)