Thursday, 26 April 2012

Crazy For Collars!

Okay, so I've got a little bit of a problem and they say the first step to working through your problems is to admit them to yourself, so here we go... I'm addicted to collars.

Playsuit, Topshop

I love them on dresses, playsuits, tops and blouses - anything I can get my hands on! I just think they're such a cute addition to any outfit. I'm quite girly when it comes to my dress sense, I'll generally love anything covered in florals or lace and especially anything that comes in a pastel shade.

Blouse, Topshop

It was only when gazing at my wardrobe the other day, having one of those ''I have NOTHING to wear'' moments despite clothes spilling out my closet, that I realised just how many collared items I own.

Playsuit, Topshop

It doesn't even stop there, I even bought this add-on collar necklace to put on outfits that don't already have one! I think my problem is getting worse but it's not something I have an issue with, I feel collars are here to stay in my wardrobe and that makes me a very happy fashion blogger indeed.

Collar, Vintage

Are you a fan of the collar trend?


  1. I love cute little collars! I'm exactly the same - pastels, floras and lace are my uniform and if there's a collar on whatever I'm wearing even better!!! I love the playsuit in the first picture :)



    1. Aw thankyou! It sounds like we have quite a similar dress sense :) xx