Sunday, 10 June 2012

Benefit Freebies, Courtesy Of Glamour..

Okay, so I know this is probably the hundreth blog post you'll have seen on this month's Glamour magazine giveaway.. But I do think that when Glamour do freebies, they just do it so well (better than a lot of other magazines, in my opinion) and it deserves to be raved about.
So, this month, for the tiny price of £2 you could buy the July issue of Glamour as well as bagging one of 3 Benefit cosmetics: That Gal primer, Bad Gal mascara or The Porefessional pro balm. I'm a big Benefit fan, so snapped up three copies of Glamour to ensure I bagged one of each product!

I've read a lot of blog posts and tweets about how so many people have found 'That Gal' a hard product to find with the magazine. I picked up all three items in one trip from magazines that I found in my local Marks & Spencer, a place that not everybody always associates with magazines, so if you're still looking for that elusive primer, that could be your next stop!

I loved the mini packaging all three items came in! Even though they were magazine freebies, including them in boxes showed the reader that a lot of thought had still been put into it and indicates that it's still quite a high-end product. 

That Gal is a shimmery, pink-tinted primer that can be worn underneath make-up as a base for your foundation to stick to. It also promises to smooth skin and create a brighter complexion. It can also be worn alone if you're lucky enough to have perfect skin!
I've always been a big fan of That Gal, it's a favourite primer of mine but my bank account won't always let me purchase it so a little freebie will happily tide me over till I can buy the full-size bottle.

Up next we have one of Benefit's cult products, Bad Gal mascara. With it's jumbo brush, many bristles and deep pigmented colour formula, Bad Gal effortlessly pumps lashes with length and volume that not many other brands have been able to rival. This mascara is an item that's a long-time resident in my make-up bag so to receive a cute handbag size tube is ideal for nights out or weekends away when packing space is at a minimum!

Finally we have one of Benefit's newest cosmetics, The Porefessional, a nude, light feeling cream. The box informs us to, ' apply this silky, oil-free formula to minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin.' Now, until I received this freebie, I'll admit I've never tried it before. On first use, it does make skin feel soft and smooth, and I did think my make-up lasted a little longer with this as a base but I can't really comment on how effective it is until I've used it for a little bit longer!

You can purchase the full-size editions of all three products here:
With Bad Gal retailing at £16.50, The Porefessional at £23.50 and That Gal is £21.50.

Each copy of Glamour also has a different cover girl depending on your freebie, pick from Kylie Minogue, Eva Longoria or our very own, Fearne Cotton (my personal favourite!)

So, did you mange to pick up a Benefit freebie, or three? What did you think of them?


  1. I love POREfessional, I had to go and buy two magazines. The sizes are amazing for travelling xxx

    1. I've heard lots of good things about it, so was really excited to find it was one of the freebies!
      Yeaah, I'm going away for a short trip soon, so these minis will definitely be coming with me :) xxx

  2. I love how glamour always have benefit freebies once a year. Don't they tend to do a clinique one too? Porefessional is one of my fave products.

    1. I've had Clinique freebies from a magazine before but I can't for the life of me remember which publication it was.. It could be Glamour!
      Benefit & Clinique freebies are always such good items to pick up though :)

  3. These freebies are such good value for money and show how proud and sure benefit are of their products. I only wish they'd put in mini 'They're Real!' mascaras instead of badgal!
    Great post :)

    1. Ohh, I'd love it if they put 'They're Real' minis in next time, we can always hope!
      Aw, thankyou, I'm glad you liked it :)