Friday, 25 January 2013

I'm Jumping On The Disco Pant Bandwagon..

Every girl seems to own a pair, whether they're the real McCoy or a clever high street dupe, I'm talking about the disco pant. 

If you fancy a booty like Sandy from Grease or you're a fan of all things high shine, these leggings are for you. American Apparel offer the original, and arguably the best, disco pant on the high street but they're pricey at £74 so many have turned to cheaper alternatives with mixed reviews.

Now, I've tried many a pair of these leggings and none of them have come close to the originals. I would have already splashed a whole wad of my hard earned cash in American Apparel if only I fit them properly, I'm currently in between a small and a medium so I've vowed not to buy any until I can fit into a small! 
I thought I'd have to live without a pair until I slimmed down then I happened to stumble over a pair of Primark dupes. Now, I know what you're thinking, Primark's bargain pair at £16 could never live up to the much hyped pair from American Apparel. I thought this too but I took a pair into the changing room anyway, not holding out much hope only to be drop mouth shocked.

Disco Pants, Primark, £16

I've compared these to American Apparel's version and there are only 3 minor differences: the button is slightly different, the material is a little thinner and there is no reinforcing material in bum but for £58 less, you really can't grumble!

These leggings really are figure flattering and will put a smile on any girls face, they slim your legs, hide your tum and give girls with even the flattest bums (this is me!) a shapely bum to be proud of.
Now whether you cover up with a peplum or flaunt your figure with a crop top, I can only say that the disco pant will now be a permanent fixture in my wardrobe. 

So girls, hot foot it down to your local Primark to find the best disco pant dupes the high street has to offer!

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