Monday, 5 March 2012

The 9am Ordeal...

It’s Sunday evening and I’m already dreading Monday morning. This statement can be applied to most people but I’m a student and Monday mornings are kick started for me by a 9am lecture. If you’re a fellow student, you’ll understand my pain.
Being a student often feels like being unemployed. We can often be found spending most our days sprawled on the sofa watching daytime television or down the pub, nursing the cheapest pint the bar sells. Students (and I’m one too before you start grumbling) are generally experts on Jeremy Kyle, hangover cures and the cheapest yet highest percentage alcohol in the area.
The few times a week we actually make it onto our campus’ we’re home again only an hour or so later, due to minimum contact hours in Universities at the moment. It sort of makes you wonder where your £3,000 a year goes?
Whilst many teens treat their time at University as a holiday, the one thing that sets it apart from an enjoyable week away is seeing the dreaded 9am lecture on your timetable. You outwardly groan at the thought of having to get up before 10am.
As a student, getting up for a 9am lecture is probably one of the hardest things you have to face. It means having to get out of bed and plod around your (no doubt freezing) house getting ready to only wait at the bus stop for longer than usual as buses too full with commuters and fellow students drive past, almost mocking you.
But, if you’re lucky and your 9am start is a lecture in one of the bigger lecture halls, grab a seat at the back, get cosy and have a nap for the next hour – you know all the slides are going to be uploaded onto your University site later anyway but you made it to Uni and that’s what counts!

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