Thursday, 8 March 2012

Pretty Polly's Pretty Perfect Customer Service!

Okay, so I was recently gifted a pair of Henry Holland for Pretty Polly Super Suspender tights. I absolutely love these tights as they're a much better quality than many of the suspender tights out there and as they're thicker, don't tend to rip as easily. So I was totally chuffed when someone bought me some.
I was disappointed to find that when I opened them, it contained not the Super Suspenders which I'd expected (super sad face) but instead the Superstar tights, which are lovely, just not what I was looking for!

I contacted Pretty Polly's team in the hope of being able to gain the tights I originally wanted. Now here's the good bit.. The person I spoke to over at Pretty Polly was amazing! Upon hearing my problem she apologised for the situation, acknowledged that a batch of wrongly labeled tights had been shipped out and that I must have been one of the unlucky ones. She then posted out (first-class, next day delivery, might I add, very swish) a pair of Super Suspenders plus some original Pretty Polly suspenders and a pair of the new 'I'm Laddered' Henry Holland tights!

I can't explain how pleased I've been with Pretty Polly's customer service team, they've been absolutely faultless. They were so friendly and super quick at sorting out my problem. I loved the brand before my issue but I've got to say, my opinion of them has now shot through the roof, amazing.

Now to just find occasions to wear all my new tights...


  1. That's great service- I love their designs but ladder v easily for me!
    now following your blogv

    1. I know, right?! I was so impressed that I had to blog about it, praise was totally due.
      Aw, you're following me now? Thankyou! xx

  2. I love the suspender tights!

    I followed your blog, please follow mine back

  3. I love my suspender tights, they make a plain outfit that bit more exciting!
    I've followed you back, you've got a lovely blog :) xx