Monday, 5 March 2012

It's Nearly Time To Face The Big, Wide World, Emma...

As I sit here writing this blog post, I’m faced with the stark, and frankly terrifying, realisation that in 3 short months I’m going to have to face the big wide world all by myself. Now this comes from a girl who doesn’t even like going to the toilet by herself in a club. And still has teddies on her bed. So, I’m totally ready, don’t you think?
It’s taken me a while to think of a positive about this situation but I’ve finally found one – I’ll be able to get my own flat.
I cannot wait till I never have to live in a student house ever again. Gone will be the days of cold rooms, terrible décor and mis-matched carpets. Saying goodbye to student houses will be like saying goodbye to the friend you never really liked anyway but had to be friends with out of necessity.
I shall be saying a hearty hello to a beautiful little flat (hopefully!) designed in a clean, classy and minimal style. I’ll be able to use the shower whenever I want without fear or someone else already being in there and nobody will leave crumbs in my butter (anyone who knows me will realise how much stress this small action causes me).
Don’t get me wrong, living by myself is a thought that scares the living daylights out of me but I like to think people will be over all the time, so that would totally ward off any burglars or other wrong-doing people? You all have to say yes to make me feel better about this decision.
And I’ll be paying that much money for rent, bills and council tax (and all those other boring things blah, blah) that I’ll be too poor to eat properly, causing me to become so skinny that everyone will be jealous. So growing up many not necessarily be a bad thing after all…

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