Saturday, 10 March 2012

Wedding Outfit Dramas.

Let's get this out of the way first, I LOVE weddings. I love attending them, I love the outfits, the fascinators but most of all, I love finally getting to see the wedding dress. Now, I don't know about you but like most little girls, I've had thoughts about my wedding from a young age. I know exactly what I want and exactly how I want it done, the groom won't even get a say..
I say this like there's the chance I might be getting married soon but there's not, there's more chance of Beyonce's new baby being ugly than me walking up the aisle any time soon. 

Right, so, back to the actual point of the blog after drifting off into wedding land.
I was planning on purchasing this dress for the wedding as it was formal enough for the occasion but dressy enough to be worn on nights out in the future. Except I hit a problem today, the dress is too big on my collarbone area, HEARTBREAK. 

Dress, £36, Topshop

As I'd totally set my heart on purchasing this outfit for the wedding, I have now drawn a complete blank as to anything else to wear!
Can anyone point me in the direction of some lovely potential wedding outfits?


  1. check out jones&jones and inlovewithfashion for a pretty floaty dress. Also very clearance on ebay have some fab finds.


  2. Aw thankyou, I'll check all those options out! Fingers crossed I'll find something :)

  3. why don't you try and nice shorts and blazer matching suit Topshop have alot of them in pastel colours,obviously not to short1 But there really cute
    or this dress would look hot with some vintage clip on esrrings and hair tied back in a bun dress&pageSize=20
    hope i helped

  4. Ahh, I hadn't even thought of a shorts and blazer combo, that's such a good idea! Thanks for your suggestions, they're so helpful :)

    Thanks for the follow lovely, I've followed you back! xx