Monday, 5 March 2012

We're All Going On A Summer... Inter-Railing Holiday?

Whilst I’m currently feeling the intense pressure of my dissertation hanging over me, light relief came in the form of a possible holiday this week! Never one to miss out on an opportunity to get out of the country (isn’t everyone?!) I leaped at the chance. Now where am I going, you may be wondering? Well, it’s not just one place.. It’s not even two.. I’m being greedy and going to as many as I can, as I’m hopefully going inter-railing!
Many of those who know me may scoff at this idea. It’s well known that electrical hair products are practically glued to my hands on a daily basis but I’m going to have to leave these behind. I won’t lie, I’m worried.
I don’t even like backpacks. I think they’re one of the worst fashion trends going right now (sorry to anyone that does like them!) and they’re totally not my thing but for a month trekking round Europe I’m going to have to fit my whole life into one..
On the plus side, I love the sunshine and living in England doesn’t guarantee much of that, so I’m game for anywhere that promises me a tan. Also, this girl can never say no to a challenge and most people would agree that, for me, this will be a massive challenge.
And you never know, I might find myself a holiday romance with a gorgeous Italian, a girl can dream..

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